1. Amelia

    We’ve been converted! It’s been a little over a year now since we’ve been making our own version of this recipe. We like to use coconut oil, kamut puffs for a bigger crunch, and depending on how we feel we add some extra spices. Ginger is delicious in there!
    We like to eat it with yogurt, fruit, or I’ve even used it to sprinkle the tops of banana or zucchini loaves or muffins.
    It makes super tasty and quick granola bars as well.

    • ashley

      Ginger! Interesting. We were thinking of making an Apple Pie flavoured granola with dried apple chunks and apple pie seasonings which would probably include ginger.

  2. Rebecca

    We bought some of your granola at a hand-made sale in Baden. I am in love! Its the best granola I have had! I’ve tried a lot of granola recipes, but I’m very excited for this one. Thanks for perfecting it and sharing it!

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